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You never get a second chance for a first impression... Being older has its advantages and disadvantages. You can't see letters
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Heart stamp9 lat 203 dni temu
Heart stamp
I wish You Happy New Year :)
Ginger cakes 10 lat temu
Ginger cakes
New Year's Eve Toasts10 lat 202 dni temu
New Year's Eve Toasts
Od: kleorex
Happy New Year :))
Coffee 10 lat 345 dni temu
Friends' hug 10 lat 353 dni temu
Friends' hug
Fireplace 10 lat 354 dni temu
Spring flowers 10 lat 364 dni temu
Spring flowers
Heart stamp 11 lat 12 dni temu
Heart stamp
Cherry cupcake 11 lat 16 dni temu
Cherry cupcake
Coconut drink 11 lat 20 dni temu
Coconut drink
Red rose 11 lat 23 dni temu
Red rose
Rainbow Easter Egg11 lat 114 dni temu
Rainbow Easter Egg
Od: kleorex
Happy Easter :)
Rainbow11 lat 123 dni temu
Od: kleorex
Thx for Summertime :) Have a nice evening :)
Ice coffee 11 lat 182 dni temu
Ice coffee
Lucky horseshoe11 lat 200 dni temu
Lucky horseshoe
Mistletoe11 lat 211 dni temu
Od: kleorex
Lily of valley11 lat 296 dni temu
Lily of valley
Od: kleorex
Good Night ... Sweet Dreams :)
Cheerful kitten11 lat 354 dni temu
Cheerful kitten
Od: _ELVI_
Hi :) How are U ? Have a nice evening :)
Magic lamp 11 lat 360 dni temu
Magic lamp
Cup of tea 11 lat 361 dni temu
Cup of tea
Cup of tea11 lat 362 dni temu
Cup of tea
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